Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Chemical Free Fridge Cleaning

I used to hate cleaning the fridge, mostly due to the fact that I was never comfortable with using cleaning products near my food. That all changed the day my mom gave me a Euro Shark steam cleaner. Using a steam cleaner is quick and easy, the stuff stuck inside the draws and the walls pretty much melts away and then you just sponge it down. There is the additional benefit of feeling like the steam is sterilizing as you go. On top of how well it works, you will find yourself only using a cup or two of water to get the job done instead of the recommended sink full of warm soapy water.

You will find a hundred and one uses for your steam cleaner. I use it to clean tile floors, the barbeque and more. It will even help you recycle. A friend was throwing out a pretty nasty fishing tackle box and I saved it from the landfill. After 15 minutes with the steamer, it usable again.

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