Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Food Poisoning

I had seen a news program once that made a correlation between processed foods and behavioral problems in children. It took place at a 'last-in-line' school for kids that were violent and disruptive in the classroom environment. These kids were supposed to be hopeless and warehoused there to separate them from the 'kids who want to learn'. The leaders of the school thought that these kids could be productive members of society and sought out the root of their behavioral problems. The administrators felt that the sweeteners, colorings and other additives in school lunches and snacks may have been factors that contributed to the children's unruliness and began a new nutritional program that included mostly organic foods with no added colors, flavors and other 'stuff'. Lo and behold, the children almost immediately began to calm down and their attention problems disappeared.

Read those food labels and eat your way to a better life.

Now an English watchdog group is announcing similiar findings after a scientific study and the food industry there is about to be turned upside down. Here is a quote from the article over at The Daily Mail that broke the story:
She said the reaction to the artificial chemicals could be "horrendous in terms of mood swings with crying, screaming, inability to sleep".

She added: "There can also be physical reactions such as difficulty in breathing and skin rashes".

The additives may help explain the rise in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children.

Some 359,000 prescriptions for ADHD prevention drugs are issued each year, up 90-fold since the early 1990s.

Critics of food additives believe this disruptive behaviour can be cured by a return to natural food, rather than drugs.

Read the eye opening article at the Daily Mail

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