Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Which Brands Of Popcorn Do Not Contain Diacetyl

This is the hot question of the moment. It is probably best to assume that all brands currently on the shelf contain diacetyl. Due to the shady food labelling practices espoused by the FDA, we don't really know. The flavor is covered under the 'natural and artificial flavors' heading on the label. Make your own microwave popcorn with the instructions found here or go get yourself a good old-fashioned air popper.


IndyFashionGirl said...

Weaver Popcorn Company has ALREADY taken diacetyl out of the flavoring in its microwave popcorn brands, Pop Weaver, sold at mass market retailers, discount stores and select grocery stores nationwide; and Trail's End, sold through Boy Scout councils. So there is an option, available now, for people concerned about diacetyl.

Cathy Yingling for Weaver Popcorn said...

I added the above comment, and want to be totally clear about my identity - I work with Weaver Popcorn and have been helping them get the word out on this important issue.

Sorry for any confusion - a case of "world's colliding" in the blogosphere, I suppose.