Saturday, September 8, 2007

Water Conservation

This video shows you how to convert your toilet into a combination toilet/sink. Now the water you use to wash your hands will be diverted into the toilet tank for a second use. I believe you can also buy something like this at the retail level if you are worried about the top blending in with the rest of your toilet.


steve said...

Nice idea. Another great way to save water with toilets is simply to install an ultra-low flush toilet, like the Niagara EcoLogic 1.28 GPF. Check it out at: Flapperless technology at its best - no more leaks, slow fills or overflows.

h0ney_01 said...

Conserving Water With The TwoFlush System
I also suggest the used of Dual Flush Toilet as a solution in water consumption. This will save almost 67% of you water usage in toilet

tony said...

Cool! Neat idea! I found a great home water conservation device too! It's a great way to save water and time! I got a Hot Water Lobster Instant Hot Water valve a few months ago and it's awesome! It’s a hot water recirculation system that needs no electricity or pump! I don't waste water down the drain waiting for the water to get hot anymore in the shower. It's quite convenient to not have to stand waiting for the kitchen water to warm up too! I think it will pay off pretty quickly. I paid only $179.95 at their website. It was super easy for me to install! I think everyone should get one if you want to save water, time, and energy! One unit was enough to work for my whole house! Here's their site... Check it out: