Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Former Greempeace Leader Downs 11th Hour

Dr. Patrick Moore, a Greenpeace co-founder, is crying out about the alarmist scare tactics used in Leonardo's high profile environmental film the 11th hour. When it comes to our forests acting as a buffer against global warming, he believes we should use more wood and plant more trees rather than leaving the forests on their own.
There is a misconception that cutting down an old tree will result in a net release of carbon. Yet wooden furniture made in the Elizabethan era still holds the carbon fixed hundreds of years ago.
Berman, a veteran of the forestry protest movement, should by now have learned that young forests outperform old growth in carbon sequestration.
Although old trees contain huge amounts of carbon, their rate of sequestration has slowed to a near halt. A young tree, although it contains little fixed carbon, pulls CO2 from the atmosphere at a much faster rate.
My uncle used to say similiar things to me about the Adirondacks. He noticed that logging responsibly actually helped the forest to renew itself, by allowing new trees to get light and grow, as opposed to the older and mostly dead trees blocking much of the light from reaching the ground. Maybe there's something to all this?
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