Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Same Old Song - WTF?

Global warming watchdog invests in oil, coal, utilities
The new chair of the California Air Resources Board owns stocks in several oil, coal and utility firms, some of which are likely to be affected by rules the agency implements as part of the state's groundbreaking law to fight global warming, The Chronicle has learned.
Mary Nichols' stock holdings include shares in oil giants Chevron Corp., BP and Royal Dutch Shell, as well as a stake in a Bermuda tanker company that transports crude oil, according to economic interest statements she filed this week.

She doesn't have a problem with this, trying to hold on to her money by sticking it in a blind trust. The only ones blinded here are the people of California. It is like Gandhi having some serious cheddar in Raytheon...unbelievable.
Read it and weep over at the

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