Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Walmart Kills Puppies

I am totally freaked right now. Dogs are dying because of Bestro's Roasted Chicken Jerky strips purchased at Walmart. I get all of my pet food from Eukanuba, purchased at the vet. All except her snacks. Guess what snacks she eats - Bestro's poison strips! My dog has recently lost control over her bodily functions and apparently Walmart's poison product causes kidney failure. I am not sure what to do to make her better. Can you believe Walmart would want to kill this dog?

Full story at itchmo.com via Consumerist

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Wayne said...

I personally don't buy any foods for my pet at Wal-mart. I only buy a few certified organic foods for the family there and only because its within walking distance and the whole foods store is not.

I am sorry about your puppy but really, the low price leader always buys the worst quality goods.