Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Recycling Frogs

This little gizmo is supposed to help kids get into recycling. You put a can on the little pad under the frog and then have your child step on it, crushing the can. I have lived in two states that have recycling programs for aluminum cans and neither have requested that I crush the cans before recycling them. So I am a little clueless as to how this activity of crushing the cans has anything to do with recycling. I will say that New York has a great way to get people into recycling, they ticket the heck out of you if you don't do it or are doing it wrong. You 'get into it' pretty quick.

Maybe the video below also encourages kids to recycle?

and finally-
You may find a discussion over a treehugger where some writer is wondering if this frog thingie is encouraging kids to step on frogs. Puh-leeze, the Wacky Wall Walkers phenomenon of years ago encouraged approximately zero people to throw a living octopus into a wall. Oh yeah... and Scooby Doo never encouraged anyone to let their dog make them a sandwich.

Frog thingie link via Plastic Bamboo


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