Friday, August 24, 2007

With Friends Like These

The Star Bulletin reports:
A new environmental nonprofit group in Hawaii is talking with the city about possibly uprooting and relocating several trees on Magic Island to accommodate its first-ever summit and concert, planned for next year.

Organizers of Blue Planet Festival said putting on a grand four-day event in April, with environmentalists from around the world talking about policies promoting clean and alternative energy, could require several trees to be moved.

This is why many people think global warming is a joke, and for all the organizations that are going to fly their employees all the way to Hawaii for a concert/summit - shame on you. Don't think for a second that spending more money on some carbon credits is gonna offset crap. Can't you do this on the internet... you know... telecommute? How important can what Blue Planet has to say be when they are willing to uproot trees for a concert?

Read it and weep at The Star Bulletin via Fark

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