Thursday, August 16, 2007

Use Plastic Bags To Keep Your Apartment Bug Free

I used to live in Brooklyn and my roommate had a tiny little garbage can that he lined with the plastic bags you get from the market. At first, the little can seemed like a pain in the butt to use, as it didn't hold much and I thought he was being a bit too thrifty (read cheap). I was getting ready to go out and buy a bigger trash can, when he stopped me and told me why he set it up this way. The little can encourages you to toss your trash more frequently and he said, "If there is nothing for the critters to eat in your apartment, the critters will go elsewhere." And they did, our building had lots of critter problems, but they never hung out in our apartment. While the downside of this is taking plastic bags from the market, you will not be buying the larger kitchen bags, so maybe it balances out. You will also not have to keep a supply of poisonous bug killer around.

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Beth in the Fake Plastic Fish Tank said...

You can also get 3-gallon BioBags, which are about the same size as a plastic grocery bag, and use those in the small trash can. That's what we do. And while BioBags may not biodegrade completely in landfill conditions, at least they are made from a renewable material rather than petroleum.